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Last Minute Travel Tips and Advice

The world seems to be headed toward an explosion of people who are taking small vacations on the spur of the moment. They opt in, rather than for well laid plans, for last minute travel. Tips that can help you get the best of last minute travel are plentiful, but most of them are vague.

Last minute travel is big business in the United States. As you see the next weekend coming up and realizing you’ve got no plans and don’t have to work, you begin to frantically plan something that will give you a breather from the day-to-day grind. Why not? With all of the great discounts on air travel, rental cars, and other types of packages, there is nothing to dissuade you from last minute travel. Tips that can help you to get a great deal on last minute travel are these:

Be careful what package you purchase if you go through a travel agent. Some of the website last minute travel setups are disappointing at best. They will sell you tickets that house house you in a center seat and you may end up with a hotel room that no one else wanted because the view was horrific.Particularly if you took the last minute trip in order to spend some quality time as a couple, the ramifications of that are great. You’re probably going to spend more time in a hotel room or other quiet area than you might if you were traveling alone.

Making sure that you get a good hotel room that offers you some amenities is going to be more important to you. Being satisfied with your last minute travel bookings is of major importance to you when they will affect the outcome of your stay.

For duos who are working with a budget, and let’s face it, we all are these days, the last minute travel tips that can offer you the greatest chance of a fantastic weekend together are to book your own rooms and your own flight plans separately. While you can find last minute travel plans that may suit you, at least some part of the package probably isn’t going to impress you. Visiting websites such as Priceline, Expedia,, and others and booking your own hotels, flights or cars on their own and turning them into a package will assure that you get exactly what you want.

Last minute trips can be fantastic. The new phrase for them is mini-moons. It refers to a weekend or a short midweek trip that gives you the chance to be alone together and to reconnect. They are generally taken by car, to destinations that are closer to you. For example, if you live in Arizona, whats to stop you from hopping a low cost flight to Las Vegas for a whirlwind tour of the many things you can see and do in Vegas.

These kinds of trips can easily be arranged if you intend to visit a city or area that is closer to you. There is simply nothing to prevent you from doing a little last minute travel. Tips for great hotel rooms are on every website around the internet, and low cost rental cars are all around you. For a trip that is closer you could even avoid the flight costs and simply rent a car and drive.The next time that your weekend is looming closer and you simply don’t have a plan for it, try a last minute excursion to boost your relationship.

Travel Deals From a Travel Pro

Some people just book the regular rate, some people just book the internet rates, some people get packages. I believe the easiest way to get a deal at a hotel is at the last minute on the internet. The way the hotel works is at a certain point they sell only high rates, when they have figured out that they will not be able to sell out with the high rates, they open up the floodgates for the cheap rates such as Priceline,, or one of the many other hundreds of travel discount websites. Don’t get me wrong these websites are great for last minute business as it gives the hotel a strong push to sell out often.

So, naturally the question that arises is “how do I get the best rates.” What is the best deal of the day? The answer is with due diligence on the internet. If price is your only concern when booking then the internet is the way to go. I recommend finding hotels that are not particularly busy on the night and book through the internet booking engines. If a hotel is busy they are going to mark up the rates and not offer the great deals. If a hotel is slow, they let the booking engines sell rooms for pretty much no profit. In the industry there is a saying that we just need to get “heads in beds”. This is the philosophy that no matter how cheap the rate is, it is better to have people in the hotel at worthless rates, then have nothing at all.

The downside to looking only for the cheapest rooms is missing out on the rewards clubs and upgrades. The truth of the matter is, that if you are only booking rooms on the internet for price, then you probably have never stayed in a nice room. It is of not advantage of the hotel to upgrade price-hunters and people with no loyalty. What a hotel chain is looking for is loyalty, someone they can have back and isn’t just there for the cheap room. So, if you book your room for a great rate 2 hours before you show up, do not expect a room on a high floor, with a great view, with even the bed configuration that you want. You get what you pay for.

Finding deals in the travel industry has never been easier. There are a million travel websites, including some cool new one deal at a time sites that offer the craziest deals on cruises, flights, rooms, etc… It is a travelers market right now. If you want to go somewhere make sure you check numerous sources on the internet, because just because they say low rate guaranteed, does not mean that that is the lowest rate. Good luck finding those deals.

Myrtle Beach Golf Course and Packages

Golf in Myrtle Beach crosses all economic and social barriers and unites people with the religion of golf! Located in South Carolina on the coast north of Charleston, Myrtle Beach has a reputation of being South Carolina’s largest resort town, though the main attraction is the high standard golf courses and the golf vacation. Many of these golf courses are among the best golf courses according to professional golfers. Many of the golf courses are designed by professional golfers themselves, making them one of the most sought after, and popular golf courses in the world.

The famous golf course in the Myrtle Beach is TPC Myrtle Beach which was designed by the famous golfer Tom Fazio himself. The main challenge for him was to create a golf course in Myrtle Beach that fitted into its natural landscape. The other popular choices are the Dunes Golf Club, which is the classiest and the oldest. This golf course is a part of the Dunes Resort. The players who are staying in there receive special discounted drink services on the course along with special golf offers.

The other courses worth mentioning are those offered by Aberdeen Country club, which has an on-site hotel offering discounted rooms at $60 per person. The Caledonia Golf course also has a fishing club to it and is by far the most popular place. Deep sea fishing trips can also be arranged and the green fees are between $80 to $130 per person.

Myrtle Beach golf and travel is true to its name. Another important golf course is the River Edge Golf Course, situated by the Shallotte River. It was designed by the famous golfer Arnold Palmer and the place continues to be a hot favorite among the golfers who travel, mainly because it houses some of the most interesting and tough holes in the state, posing a true challenge to the golfers.

Counted as one of the top ten holiday destinations in US, Myrtle Beach golf and travel has plenty of agencies offering irresistible golf vacation packages. Golf Trek, is a golf travel agency, which is a major player in the business and has booked several rounds till now. They work closely with the owners and the lodging providers and are in the forefront of many promotional golf organizations.

You will get various deals and you can choose the one that suits you most. They have week’s special deals on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, which cost much lesser than the weekend packages. Many of the golfers arrive on Thursday, for their weekend package, that enables them to have precious tee times! You can contact your golf master for the offers and details for a custom golf package.