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Restaurant Review of Bleu in Green Bay, WI

Bleu Restaurant and Lounge is located in Ledgeview, which borders on the East side of Bellevue and Green Bay. The new restaurant is situated in Olde School Square, set in a rustic country setting. As you walk in, you will notice that Bleu is an all open concept restaurant, including the kitchen part. This allows you to observe all the cooking. The decor of Bleu is done with rustic contemporary flair, and the vaulted ceiling is covered with a variety of antique door fronts.

I had dinner reservations for that evening, and when I arrived I was sat at a very small table that could fit two diners. The tables for customers with reservations are all lined all in a row and face the long bar and kitchen. There are many stools which face and run along the bar and kitchen for a more casual dining, and two large tables that seat ten for diners without reservations. The hostess gave me a cocktail menu and dinner menu.

My waiter soon came and was very personable. He introduced himself and proceeded to tell me the specials for that evening. He also explained, in detail, the ingredients and the process in which they are made. I decided to start with the Lamb and Potato Soup for $5.00, and for my entrée I ordered the Butter Crumb Day Boat Haddock for $28.00. I was brought my cocktail, and a linen covered plate with slices of French bread and a side of herb butter. The bread tasted less than fresh and airy. My soup was served in a bowl which contained diced carrots, potatoes, pearl barley, tiny ground meatballs of lamb, and a few pieces of fresh mint. The soup had an intense flavor of the lamb, which gave a salty earthy flavor.

I was not served or offered ice water and I also noticed that the other diners had not been brought any. I requested if I could have water and was served a glass of water without any ice. My haddock was served next and it looked delightfully exquisite. There was a large fillet covered with a beautiful golden crust resting and beside were two small oven roasted potatoes, one blue and one red. Under my fillet were al dente fresh vegetables consisting of a mixed medley of green beans, carrots, brussel sprouts, and roasted cauliflower. My haddock was spot on perfect, very moist, fresh, and flaky. The crusted bread crumb was melt in your mouth buttery with a slight crunch, it tasted divine. On the menu it stated fingerling potatoes, so I assumed they must have run out, but the oven roasted potatoes were delicious as were the crunchy textured vegetables.

My service throughout my meal was very enjoyable; my server was attentive and pleasant to converse with. Bleu also serves lunches.

Top 5 Tips When Purchasing Restaurant Furniture Supply

Running a restaurant is not an easy business. There are lots of matters involved, and one such is selecting the furniture retailer who would manufacture the right restaurant furniture supply. Just as the restaurant business has expanded, furniture retailers have also started manufacturing a broad variety of furniture with different styles, designs, colors, and patterns.

Moreover, with a variety of furniture ranging from classic to contemporary, restaurateurs face difficulty when making selections. In this article, we will tell you some great tips to keep in mind when looking for retailers to handle the entire restaurant furniture supply for your restaurant.

1. Credibility of Supplier

The best way to select the furniture retailer is to check their credibility in their line of business. Ensure that they do not have any illegalities and this can be counter checked with their performance with BBB (Better Business Bureau). Check out their license to ensure that they are registered to be able to work. Get as many details about the company through internet, and if possible, ask previous and present customers about their experiences.

2. Value for Money

There are lots of furniture retailers that only work for the sake of collecting more money from the suppliers. This means that you should not trust any retailer instantly and must carry out enough research about their business to ensure that you would receive valuable services against your hard earned money. Moreover, the quality of work speaks in this regard. However, sometimes, some reputed businesses also charge more than the standard rates. So be aware of such scams, as buying lots of furniture is not a minor purchase. Remember, the bigger the purchase, the bigger the scam.

3. Ask the Previous Customers

See if the retailer is ready to provide you information about previous clients s/he has worked with successfully. Ask questions about their team of professionals and their work practices. Ensure that the material used is of superior quality.

4. Adequate Knowledge about Furniture Business

It is also very necessary that the furniture retailer knows the nitty-gritty of the business. You should ask questions about each and every step involved in the furniture making process. You can quickly assess whether the retailer has enough knowledge about the business or not.

5. Money Back Guarantee

A retailer that offers money-back guarantee is sure to provide top quality furniture. The retailer will never hesitate to return you the money if s/he delivers a poor job.