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Myrtle Beach Golf Course and Packages

Golf in Myrtle Beach crosses all economic and social barriers and unites people with the religion of golf! Located in South Carolina on the coast north of Charleston, Myrtle Beach has a reputation of being South Carolina’s largest resort town, though the main attraction is the high standard golf courses and the golf vacation. Many of these golf courses are among the best golf courses according to professional golfers. Many of the golf courses are designed by professional golfers themselves, making them one of the most sought after, and popular golf courses in the world.

The famous golf course in the Myrtle Beach is TPC Myrtle Beach which was designed by the famous golfer Tom Fazio himself. The main challenge for him was to create a golf course in Myrtle Beach that fitted into its natural landscape. The other popular choices are the Dunes Golf Club, which is the classiest and the oldest. This golf course is a part of the Dunes Resort. The players who are staying in there receive special discounted drink services on the course along with special golf offers.

The other courses worth mentioning are those offered by Aberdeen Country club, which has an on-site hotel offering discounted rooms at $60 per person. The Caledonia Golf course also has a fishing club to it and is by far the most popular place. Deep sea fishing trips can also be arranged and the green fees are between $80 to $130 per person.

Myrtle Beach golf and travel is true to its name. Another important golf course is the River Edge Golf Course, situated by the Shallotte River. It was designed by the famous golfer Arnold Palmer and the place continues to be a hot favorite among the golfers who travel, mainly because it houses some of the most interesting and tough holes in the state, posing a true challenge to the golfers.

Counted as one of the top ten holiday destinations in US, Myrtle Beach golf and travel has plenty of agencies offering irresistible golf vacation packages. Golf Trek, is a golf travel agency, which is a major player in the business and has booked several rounds till now. They work closely with the owners and the lodging providers and are in the forefront of many promotional golf organizations.

You will get various deals and you can choose the one that suits you most. They have week’s special deals on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, which cost much lesser than the weekend packages. Many of the golfers arrive on Thursday, for their weekend package, that enables them to have precious tee times! You can contact your golf master for the offers and details for a custom golf package.