Shopping Travel – Special Travel Deals

When shopping travel, and often I do, always I look for all the special travel deals. One day I realized that all those deals are strangely familiar. I became aware that the travel “pie” is one entity carved up among several of the larger vendors. Then those entities have their networks and divide their “pieces of the pie” amongst that network, larger the better. Then I understood, many of the most popular travel providers actually practice these same methods, otherwise known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers are actually just online salespeople. Some create a storefront in the form of a website, some pursue email-marketing tactics, and others may commit to the social media for their promotional methods. No matter the methods, the fact is it all is part of the same large travel pie that they all share. Considering this actuality, why might one go to the smaller website?

The reason is in the packaging. As the quality marketers present a product, they will attempt to add value. Perhaps they may provide a comparative shopping value or a more dynamic reviewing process. Some are creative in the composition and compatibility of the offers present and others will focus on just hotels or flights. Then again, there are the many travel search sites.

In this search and purchase online world in which we have become, this is the most abundant method. Search, get the prices of two or three returned results, choose, purchase, and go. Well, I have found that there is great value in looking into more than just one share of the pie. Often when you search at more than one website you will find three of four that seem to be from the same piece of pie, and they are. This is where the value comes in. Wise it is to be sure you are searching more than one primary piece of the pie. Extending searches for special travel deals may be found to hold great value.

I have often found substantial savings with this type of search continuation. I search and have found that often one piece of the pie has worked out a better deal than the other pieces were able. I find one has better travel deals on hotels and another better-priced flight. The task then becomes in finding a central location for centralized travel shopping. Once you find that website and have a good experience then stick with it, but make notes of the other sites for comparative value. Create a travel folder in you bookmarks or favorites menu and house several in it for quick reference.

Frequent travelers will find great value in a little extra search and preparation of future searches. Of course, an organized structured approach will provide the most efficient shopping experience every time. If one knows that future shopping for travel is most likely to occur, prepare yourself a special folder, as I suggested. Special travel deals are more than worth a small amount of foresight. After all, the dollars you save should stay in your pocket whenever possible.