Preparing for Takeoff: How Frequent Travel Has Changed Our Travel Preparation Routine

The reality is now settling in. We are leaving on a big trip in less than two weeks. We are all falling into our normal positions in this play that we act out every time we go somewhere; me in the role of the planner and the detail taker carer of-er and my husband as the frantic, panicky psycho. It is interesting to see, though, how frequent travel has changed our travel preparation habits.

Of course, we do all of the normal leaving home sorts of things-putting mail on hold, cleaning out the fridge, making sure that the dishes and laundry are all done so they don’t smell while we are gone (though this routine has become much more automatic from frequent repetition.)

These essential items on the to do list have become more a part of our daily routine and less something that is out of the ordinary, thus they don’t require so much extra focus and attention. Travel has become a part of our lifestyle, the same way that going to the gym or switching ones diet becomes easier as it becomes a part of the routine.

We have streamlined the routine quite a bit in the process. We have bins of travel sized toiletries sorted by type. We keep a well stocked travel first aid kit and other travel related necessities handy in our closet. I have been traveling so much recently that many times, my bag doesn’t even get fully unpacked between trips (the contents get customized for a different location, but there are some items that often just stay packed.) I even have a section of my dresser for travel friendly clothing.

In the past, before we were traveling as much as we do now, a two week trip would have been a major ordeal to prepare for. It would have been something that I would have prepared for for months, obsessing over to do lists and packing lists, making sure that all of the details were in place.

I still do a pretty insane amount of travel research for our trips, as I have never been the “figure it out when you get there type”, but I find that the more trips we take, the less I am fretting about having every little details planned out.

I am not a super, uber budget traveler who stays in hostels all the time and shuns all touristy things for off the beaten path gems, though I do pack for extended trips only in a small backpack, so I fit that part of the stereotype. I am a travel addict. I am also a normal person just like you who goes to work and lives in a house with a husband and a cat, and these are my adventures…