Lake District Hotels For a Memorable Holiday

If you’re planning your next holiday, you may want to experience the quiet peacefulness of England’s Lake District. The exquisite dining experience near a warm fireplace is only one of the pleasures of the many Lake District hotels. You will discover the vast openness of this breathtaking area. The aura of emptiness is one of the beauties of the area. Gorgeous hills dropping into lush green valleys are a lovely way to de-stress the mind and body.

The Borrowdale Gates Hotel is a charming hotel tucked close to the hills of the district located just a step from Dentworth Water. Take quiet strolls and return to the Borrow Gate Hotel, a place so inviting it makes you feel as if you are returning home. Enjoy superb living and fantastic meals with food prepared in this lovely environment. Many of the homes in the vicinity were built during the 1870’s and are of great interest to visitors with an interest in history.

Rothway Garden Hotel located at Broadgate, Grasmere Cumbria, is a beautiful luxury accommodation located at the door of Windermere Village. Sawrey House is near Sawrey Cumbria, located in the district. The hotel is luxuriously quaint. Sitting on one of its gorgeous picturesque patios with a stunning view of Grizdale Forest and the Esthwaite Water is a treasure worth the stay. Afternoon tea is a pleasure worth seeking. The Cedar Manor Hotel Windermere is a grand hotel built in 1884; this lovely place is within walking steps of Windermere Village.

There are many Lake District hotels in the area, with seasoned English architecture, excellence in service and hospitality structured into every pebble. Broad Oaks, Eden Lodge, Derwentwater Hotel, Holbeck Ghyll Hotel, Rathay Hotel, and Hotel Grasmere are just some of the Lake District hotels you might want to check out.

There are many more. If your plans are for a meeting, a holiday, or a quiet place to rest the hotels of the Lake District have an accommodation that will suit your needs. Arrangements can be made for a champagne brunch or picnic basket, fishing, boating or resting. Beautiful accommodations are at your service at any of the fine hotels in the area.

Explorers have found the Lake District intriguing and a stop to talk about. Visit this area of sweeping beauty and find this Shangri-La for yourself. When you are in the area spend time horseback riding, walking along the water or hiking along the various trails. Pack a lunch and stare at the spectacular view. Visit some of the areas Alfred Wainwright loved to visit and travel a few of the paths. This splendor is accessible from the hotels of the area. Visit any time of the year and set your mind to absorb the gracious hospitality of the Lake District.

The Importance of Food Grade Lubricants and How They Keep Us Safe

When it comes to industrial lubrication, it can often be the difference between premature machinery failure and an effective operating machine. In the world of industrial lubrication not all lubricants are created equal. Automotive bearing lubricants and industrial application lubricants vary. One of the most important and unique variations of lubrications comes in the form of food safe lubricants.

When packaging or handling food the potential of grease and oil leaks would cause a concern if traditional lubricants were used. With food grade lubricants, over lubrication, a spill during maintenance or a leak will not compromise the food or beverage product. Food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies should continually implement the highest quality non toxic food grade lubricants to ensure the safety of their products for consumers.

Challenges constantly face lubricant marketers, equipment designers and lubricant formulation engineers as they strive to keep consumers safe in case of an accidental contamination. Lubricants used in the food processing industry have strict requirements and performance expectations that are understandably stricter than your normal industrial lubricants. There are currently three categories of food grade lubricants, these categories are broken down into H1, H2 and H3 lubricants.

These food grade designations categories were originally created by the United States Department of Agriculture. The H1 category of food lubricants focuses on food-processing environments where an incidental food contamination is possible. The H2 category focuses on food grade lubricants that are used specifically on equipment and machine related parts in areas where the possibility of contact is limited. The final category is the H3 category which is associated with food grade lubricants that are edible oils. These oils are used to prevent corrosion on trolleys, hooks and similar equipment.

If you still are not convinced of the importance of food safe lubricants here are some stories of how neglecting to use the proper lubricants can come back to hurt you. In 1998 Smithfield Foods recalled 490,000 pounds of smoked boneless hams due to contamination. The food was contaminated by non food grade gear lube and was reported when customers started reporting a foul taste and a burning in the throat from eating the contaminated ham. Another case occurred in 2000 when 86,000 pounds of deli meats were recalled due to non food grade lubrication contamination. These consumers reported an odd odor and flavor in the meat. A few people also said they experienced temporary intestinal problems. After citing these accidents you can see the importance of using food safe lubricants to protect your products and company image.

Cape Town – A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Cape Town is the second most populous city if South Africa. The Clifton beach is just superb. In fact there are many beaches and this city is famous for you. If you are a honeymoon couple then you will certainly find these beaches to be simply great for the honeymoon purpose.

Some Places to visit
We all know that the South Africa is known as the rainbow country. Hence you will see the rainbow on daily version. Let me tell you one thing that the rainbow is certainly visible throughout the year. But there are many more things which you can see out here.

1. Clifton beach
This is certainly one of the best beaches in South Africa. Similarly you will find many beaches which are certainly quite great for the purpose of the honeymoon. You can have your sunscreen and then lay down in the sands out here in this beautiful beach area.

2. The Casinos
The grand west casino is one of the biggest casinos in Africa. You can play the poker out here. It offers the blackjack as well.

3. A site seeing carriage tour
This is something just incredible. You will certainly enjoy a ride through the whole city and let me tell you that it is a fun ride. This tour is certainly guided and your guide will give you the complete information about it.

So these are some places which you can visit out here in Cape Town. However you should have the idea of the hotels as well. Some of the best hotels out here in Cape Town are as follows:

1. The Mount Nelson Hotel
Let me tell you that this is one of the best hotels in Cape Town. You will certainly enjoy a stay out here. It is surrounded by the mountains and you will certainly find some greenery as well.

2. The Protea Hotel
Let me tell you one thing that the Protea hotel is certainly among the best as well. The suites are also available. There is the swimming pool as well. The beaches are also not far away from here as well.

3. The Lagoon beach hotel
This is such a beautiful hotel that you will fell in love with it. Some honeymoon packages are also being provided by the hotel.

How to reach Cape Town
The city of Cape Town is certainly well connected with almost all the best cities of the world through the air. You can find a flight to your destination quite easily.

Hence, what are you waiting for? If you want a great honey moon then book a ticket for Cape Town.

Southern Californians – Surfing and Beach Culture

If Southern Californians worship at the altars of youth, health, and beauty, then their churches are the beaches. Here, unbelievably beautiful men and women parade their surgically enhanced bodies beneath the ever-present sun. Favorite sports include skating and volleyball, but the ability to look good on a surfboard is the ultimate cool. Surfing was originally practiced by the Hawaiian nobility as a religious ceremony. It was introduced to California by Hawaiian George Freeth in 1907and popularized in the 1920s in Waikiki by Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku. In 1961 the Beach Boys released “Surfin’,” and the sport took off around the world. Today surf culture is part of the mainstream consciousness. The loose-fitting clothes favored by surfers are reproduced on the catwalk, and surfing slang is used by many who have never been near the beach.

Where To Learn To Surf

Beginners are advised to start by body surfing without a board. Boogie boarding, with a half-length board, is also far easier to master than surfing. Beaches with waves that break parallel to the beach (a surf break) are the most suitable. The best beaches on which to learn to boogie board include Santa Monica, Carpinteria, and Del Mar. Beginners should avoid famous surfing beaches, such as Surfrider, San Clemente, and Huntington, as conditions can overwhelm the inexperienced.

Lifeguards are stationed on most county and state beaches in California during the summer. Their distinctive gray huts have been made famous throughout the world by the television series Baywatch. Always follow their instructions on the beach, and ask if you are in doubt about the tidal conditions.

Surfing Highlights

One exhilarating surfing experience is to “beat the tube.” The surfer rides beneath the crest, regulating his speed and position to stay just ahead of the falling wave. If he goes too fast he comes out of the wave; too slowly and he gets knocked off. The wave loses momentum as it nears the shore. At this point the surfer will shoot out of the tube, remaining upright.

Other Beach Activities

Southern California’s spectacular beaches are used by a wide variety of sports enthusiasts. Although the beaches are most popular in summer, activities are enjoyed year-round by hardy souls. Sailing is popular, with thousands of yachts of all sizes harbored in a string of marinas along the coast. Windsurfing and kite flying also take advantage of the prevailing onshore winds. Sea kayakers often explore the rocky coasts of the Channel Islands and the mainland. Volleyball, once limited to friendly matches, is now a major professional sport with competitions held along the Southern California coast each summer.